Pamela Riungu

Pamela Riungu

  • Digital & Social Media Marketing Consultant
  • I help Companies improve Customer Centricity using Online Lead Generation.

About Pamela

I have worked with numerous companies I understand that most business owners are highly skilled multi-takers and are accustomed to proudly doing everything (or almost) themselves. I can help create value for your business by partnering with you to help you take your online marketing strategies to the next level by developing, managing and executing digital marketing acquisition initiatives that directly impact lead generation, nurturing, conversion and retention think “growth hacking”.

My passion is to help make businesses, Customer Centric by improving online lead generation strategies by connecting consumer behavior online with data and analytics to drive content decision-making and effectiveness across multiple media channels for the purpose of driving site/store traffic, revenue, customer acquisition and retention.

Strategically testing to continually scale and improve performance against (KPIs) consistently analyzing data to identify areas of improvement/optimization for maximum ROI.

My approach is to incorporate brand messaging creatively in writing narratives and stories, that are current, relevant, user-focused and within brand guidelines; while ensuring the content is optimized for web readability, audience and search engine optimization for our targeted market in order to grow web presence, brand awareness, audience engagement, reduce customer attrition, improve customer satisfaction and drive brand loyalty/referral.


Digital Marketing

  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Messaging
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Creation Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Local & Global Citation

Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics and Google Ad words

Social Media Marketing

  • Keyword/hashtag research
  • Blogging
  • Page/Channel Evaluation
  • Custom infographics
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads

Speaks, writes and reads–Swahili

I stay on top of the latest trends and developments in order to help my clients develop their brand through Creative Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategies in order to meet my client’s business goals. I have a strong analytical and problem solving skills set including the ability to define the problem, collect the data, establish the facts and develop a valid conclusion.

I have a firm grasp of the bigger picture go-to market planning and the ability to roll up my sleeves to get involved with the detailed execution of initiatives.

Let me help your business get to the next level.

Education & Professional Development

  • Digital Marketing Certification
    University of California, Irvine, CA
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing Management
    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA
  • Masters of Arts in Spiritual Formation — Area of Focus Psychology
    Biola University – Talbot Seminary, La Mirada, CA

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We are a new company and we needed to expand our online marketing strategies. We hired Pamela to create our website. She was understanding and supportive through the whole process most importantly she gave us the tools we needed to improve and expand out marketing strategies. Her commitment, quality and integrity has been a blessing. We highly recommend her!

Richard Omari, Arms of love Behavioral Health

I realized that I needed to focus on providing sales and leadership deliverables to my clients, instead of spinning my wheels to create marketing content. I’m glad I asked Pamela to begin to help me with the process. She’s been a good resource, providing insights on processes and procedures to start marketing my business. She’s responsive and creative, and in tuned to my needs. I’m getting ready to create a consistent messaging plan to my prospects and clients, and am relieved she will initiate and launch it. This allows me to focus on my strengths and let her use her strengths to help our company grow.

Michelle, The Champ Group

Pamela provided a detailed marketing strategy for CBC to grow globally and suggested new strategies including highly qualified digital partners.

Valerie B. President, Cultural Business Consulting, Inc

Pamela has been a valuable partner for my partner and I as we navigate today’s internet world to position our service and brand in a relevant way. We have found her insight and global perspective extremely effective and would recommend her to anyone.

Silent Partner Business Services

What I've come to learn in my various facets of career growth is the importance of delegation and the need to invite experts in their field in to do what they do best so that I can better focus on what I know and do best. I hired Pamela at a pivotal time in my career and life. She quickly and concisely took on the streamlining and managing of multiple social platforms for me so that I could redirect my energy into teaching yoga classes, coaching my private clients through their life transitions and working with corporations to bring wellness to the workplace.

Pamela is a professional, personable, problem solver with fresh ideas and a finger on the pulse of the ever changing social media landscape. I highly recommend tapping into her talents to better market, manage and grow your business.

Sanyika Calloway,

I needed to get a professional look and appeal on my website. I would day the website was “borderline” and I knew with just some professional embellishment, it would be simply, perfect!! In order to get my website to its next level, I needed a solid professional with competence, reliability but more importantly, with a more global expression because part of what I do entails international travel. So, the appeal must be captivating to both national and foreign prospects who love exotic locations.

Pamela possess a broad range of excellent qualities and was the ideal professional to give my website the help it so long needed. Not only is Pamela good at what she does, but her international travels from living all over the world, gives her such a perfect edge allowing her to see what exactly my website needed. Working meticulously and timely on my site, within a week, I had amazing feedback I had never before. Just today, I received this message “Your website is awesome!”

Pamela has worked incessantly to bring both content and professional image to a site that was just ordinary to extraordinary. I repeatedly receive comments about how amazing my site looks now and the ease in which pertinent information feeds the reader’s eyes. Since then, I have garnered so much more attention, traffic and business!

What is also amazing about Pamela as a professional is she maintains your language and tone to your clients; your own voice, but sways more power and presentation into the content of the information. She combines her global awareness and skills to both local and foreign audience in such a concise, interesting and informative manner that others may overlook.

Thank you, Pamela for your unwavering commitment in helping myself and many others. Your work has creatively turn the key of my business unlocking the doors of success. It with high recommendation that I encourage others to seek your professionalism if they truly want their businesses to become a real success. It’s by having a captivating website working and garnering business for you so that as business owners we have time for ourselves and to focus on other things. That is what a successful website is with the help of a knowledgeable and skillful professional.

With Divine Blessings, and radiant Love ~
Newton A. Campbell, E-RYT 200
Co–Owner of Triad Yoga and Pilates

We are very thankful to have finally gotten our website updated. It is something we had wanted to do for some time, but did not know of any good designers to get the job done. That is until Pamela proactively approached us and offered her services. Pamela was very professional in her approach. She completed her work in a timely manner and sought out our input so that the website would be a true reflection of our business. Pamela was not afraid of constructive criticism and happily made changes that we requested. For other small business owners out there, it is worth noting that the revision/editing process of creating a website can be time consuming. Pamela did a great job of working with our hectic schedules. She was patient with us, while also following up when necessary to keep the project moving along. Overall we are very happy with the final product. We now feel we have a website which looks professional and can be a great tool to educate potential clients on the services we offer.

K.Kungu, Winding Wood Manor